Awareness Weeks and Months

Catholic University PEERS sponsors a number of awareness campaigns throughout the year including:

  • Relationship Violence Prevention Month (October)
  • National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week (October)
  • Healthy Masculinity Awareness Month (November) 
  • Substance Misue Prevention Month (December)
  • Mental Health Awareness Month (January)
  • Healthy Relationships Awareness Month (February)
  • Safe Spring Break Week (March)
  • Sexual Assault Awareness Month (April)


The Clothesline Project

The Clothesline Project is a visual display that bears witness to violence against women. All who have been affected by sexual violence are invited to submit a shirt designed with a message or illustration. Shirts are available for pick up and anonymous drop off outside of the Dean of Students Office, the Counseling Center and Campus Ministry.

Purple Thursdays

This weekly campaign encourages all members of the Catholic University community to wear purple to stand in solidarity with survivors of relationship violence, including dating violence and domestic violence. Faculty staff and students will be offered purple ribbons to show their support, and resources and information about Relationship Violence Awareness Month events will be available in the Pryzbyla Center each Thursday.

Suit Up

To recognize Healthy Masculinity Awareness Month in November, PEERS host the annual Suit Up dinner. This formal dinner event explores the topics of authentic masculinity, vulnerability and healthy relationships.

This is Us

This event features student storytellers who will speak to their own experiences of masculinity and how it impacts relationships in their lives.

Dressed Up

During Women’s History Month PEERS host a formal dinner event that explores the topics of courageous womanhood and healthy relationships. This event includes a panel discussion, open dialogue, dinner and dessert.

Teal Tuesdays

Each Tuesday in April Catholic University PEERS invites students, faculty and staff to wear teal to raise awareness and support for survivors of sexual violence in our community. PEERS are available in the Pryzbyla Center Lobby each Tuesday with teal ribbons, information about Sexual Assault Awareness Month events and resources.  

Take Back the Night

This event in an opportunity for the campus community to gather together to bring an end to sexual, relationship, and domestic violence in all forms. Intentionally striking a balance between remembrance and empowerment, Take Back the Night features stories of brave members of our own community.

Denim Day

This day encourages all members of the campus community to wear denim to raise awareness against destructive attitudes that exist surrounding sexual assault.    

It’s On US

In November 2014 PEERS produced Catholic University’s own "It's On Us" video with the help of 30 students, staff, and faculty.  

Customized Workshops and Trainings 

PEERS are available to train students on a variety of topics related to alcohol and other drugs. Click here to fill out the Google Form to schedule a training or to learn how we can customize a training for your group of students.  

We Are Called

We are called as members of the Catholic University community to look out for each other. Can you identify potentially dangerous situations? Do you know how to safely intervene if someone needs help? At this interactive training you will learn about the "3 Ds" of bystander intervention as well as resources available to support your friends.Note: This session will include a discussion of sexual assault and violence and the resources available for support.

Alcohol and Drug Education Workshop

This workshop educates the campus community about standard drink sizes, the impact of alcohol on the body and protective strategy development through fun and interactive games and activities.